A MONUMENT TO PHOENIX'S MEMORY LANE MONUMENT TO PHOENIX'S MEMORY LANE<h2><span class="line-1">A Wonderful Monument</span><span class="line-2"><span class="text">to</span> Phoenix's</span><span class="line-3">Memory</span><span class="line-4">lane</span></h2>Full ScreenThe Orpheum Theatre opened in January 1929, at the time the only theatre between Los Angeles and Denver large enough to handle the traveling vaudeville shows which toured the United States on the Orpheum Circuit, changing theatres generally every week.



Plan A Visit1Plan A Visit<div class="ExternalClass6C3E06449E5F47F1A7B66171F6020895"><p>At the Orpheum Theatre, the safety of our guests and employees remains our top priority.  Designed with the future in mind, we have elevated our existing practices to include innovative standards of health, sanitation, and safety.</p><p>Our dedicated team continues to  monitor and follow guidelines issued by local, state and federal public health agencies.  Our theatrical venues COVID-19 operating plan outlines our safety protocols.<br></p><p><br></p></div>LeftNew WindowSame WindowSame WindowNew Window & Safety InformationFrequently Asked QuestionsParking & Transportation/images/bg-text-03.png1

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History2History<div class="ExternalClass58CC17CBF3B24E84B02E4BD9507B4E64"><p>Opening on January 5, 1929, it was the pride of Phoenix, a town of 48,000.  It had 1,800 seats and an early form of air conditioning, which made it the place to see an be seen in the city!  The stage, with 101 feet of width and 28 feet of depth, made the Orpheum the only theatre between Los Angeles and Denver able to handle the traveling vaudeville shows that changed weekly.</p><p>Designed by architects Lescher & Mahoney, the theatre was built for &750,000 by Jo E. Rickards and Harry Nace.   The Orpheum was designed in the atmospheric style, with the audience sitting in a garden surrounded by Spanish-style buildings, murals of mountains, and forests, under puffy white clouds moving across a deep blue domed sky.​​</p></div> WindowSame WindowSame WindowSame WindowNew Window/media-center/staff/media-center/fotot/media-center/volunteerStaffFOTOTVolunteer/images/bg-text-03.png2