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Articles & AwardsArticles & Awards<div class="ExternalClass6CB20123F3434D6994A978B3ECB4B38F"><h3>Articles & Awards</h3> ​<br></div>



Architectural Digest names Orpheum as most beautifully designed theater in Arizona Digest names Orpheum as most beautifully designed theater in Arizona<div class="ExternalClass6A0BFF6133154BF484660A69F0D884B2"><p>​In a region marked by sprawl, it’s refreshing to see a design destination in the heart of downtown Phoenix. This Spanish Baroque–style space was built in 1929 and underwent a major restoration in the late '90s. Today’s entertainment ranges from RuPaul to Simon & Garfunkel, plus musicals.<br>​​<br></p></div> and Awards
Orpheum Theatre named best historic theater in Arizona Theatre named best historic theater in Arizona<div class="ExternalClass17E0217B05C14B33BC6CC00D09F879C9"><p>​You can take a trip to the roaring twenties at the Orpheum Theatre. This central Phoenix theater originally opened on Jan. 5, 1929. At the time, it held traveling vaudeville shows, an impressive 1,800 seats and even a primitive form of air conditioning. The Orpheum underwent an extensive restoration in the late 20th century and was reopened in 1997. Today, it’s a hot spot for must see shows from today’s top performers. <br><br></p></div><div class="ExternalClass64799252168B42B1BC72EDB2A3B994C0"><p>​<img src="/images/Lists/Awards/AllItems/SFrances_180326_3483_talent_B_jpg.jpg" alt="SFrances_180326_3483_talent_B_jpg.jpg" style="margin:5px;" /><br></p></div> and Awards





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